The Violence against Women Support Hotline:
Contactable 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for free
How to contact us: 08000 116 016

The advice and counselling centre is aimed at:

  • Adults, child­ren and ado­le­s­cents affec­ted by dome­stic vio­lence or stalking
  • Adults, child­ren and ado­le­s­cents who see, hear or suspect dome­stic vio­lence or stal­king in their neigh­bour­hood, in their cir­cle of fri­ends or in their family
  • Adults who come into cont­act with the topic pro­fes­sio­nal­ly: such as edu­ca­tors, tea­chers and doctors

We support:

  • put­ting an end to and pre­ven­ting dome­stic vio­lence and stalking
  • res­cuing vic­tims from situa­tions of violence
  • streng­thening their abili­ty to act and their autonomy
  • a self-deter­mi­ned life for tho­se affected
  • the social ost­ra­cism of dome­stic violence

Services for victims and survivors

We advi­se you on:

  • cri­sis and con­flict situa­tions invol­ving dome­stic vio­lence or stalking
  • ways to end the violence
  • pos­si­ble legal protection
  • women’s and children’s shelters
  • coping with expe­ri­en­ces of violence

We accom­pa­ny you:

  • to aut­ho­ri­ties
  • to lawy­ers
  • to doc­tors, espe­ci­al­ly invol­ving foren­sic medicine
  • to the police
  • to court hearings

We refer you to:

  • fami­ly and edu­ca­tio­nal advice and coun­sel­ling centres
  • advice and coun­sel­ling cen­tres for perpetrators
  • vic­tim pro­tec­tion organisations
  • pro­fes­sio­nal psy­cho­lo­gists and psychotherapists
  • lawy­ers

Child and youth counselling

Does this sound fami­li­ar?
Not­hing but trou­ble at home?
Your par­ents argue, and insult and hit each other?
You can’t take it any­mo­re or just need someone to talk to?

Call us!

You are allo­wed to seek help! We are here for you if you expe­ri­ence vio­lence at home.
We lis­ten to you. We help you find a solu­ti­on. Call us! 

We offer out­reach advice and coun­sel­ling in the Leip­zig district.

Offers for professionals

We offer fur­ther trai­ning, lec­tures and work­shops for pro­fes­sio­nals. The­se can be held at your pre­mi­ses or in one of the pre­mi­ses of Weg­wei­ser e.V in the dis­trict of Leip­zig.
Pro­tec­tion against vio­lence act (GewSchG), stal­king para­graph, res­trai­ning order — what legal pro­tec­tion is the­re for vic­tims of dome­stic violence

Dome­stic vio­lence as a thre­at to the well-being of child­ren — a chall­enge for pro­fes­sio­nals
Con­duc­ting dif­fi­cult con­ver­sa­ti­ons — work with par­ents in the con­text of dome­stic vio­lence
Dyna­mics in cou­ple rela­ti­onships and how to deal with them ade­qua­te­ly in coun­sel­ling.
Peo­p­le with impairm­ents and lear­ning dif­fi­cul­ties as vic­tims of dome­stic vio­lence
Peo­p­le cared for and care­gi­ving rela­ti­ves as per­pe­tra­tors and vic­tims of dome­stic vio­lence — a fami­ly dilemma

How do we work?

The advice/counselling is free and, if you like, anony­mous. Our advisers/counsellors are bound by confidentiality.

  • We do out­reach work, which means we make home visits or meet vic­tims in a safe place.
  • We work proac­tively: at the request of tho­se con­cer­ned, the poli­ce send us their cont­act details fol­lo­wing poli­ce inter­ven­ti­ons and fil­ing charges.
  • We cont­act you as soon as possible.