Psycological violence

Fast help on the pho­ne 24/7:

Das bun­des­wei­te Hil­fe­te­le­fon für Frau­en*:
08000 116 016

num­ber against grief:
Parent pho­ne:
0800 111 0 550

Child­ren and young peo­p­le:
116 111

Ger­man Depres­si­on Aid:
0800 33 44 533

Emer­gen­cy call for women in the dis­trict of Leip­zig:
0177 30 39 219

Emer­gen­cy call for women in Leip­zig:
0341 30 61 08 00


Accor­ding to a cri­mi­nal sta­tis­tics ana­ly­sis on inti­ma­te part­ner vio­lence by the Fede­ral Cri­mi­nal Poli­ce Office from 2020, 29,301 cases of thre­ats, stal­king and coer­ci­on invol­ving women* were recor­ded in Ger­ma­ny alone.


Coer­ci­on (under sec­tion 240 of the Cri­mi­nal Code):, threa­tening (under sec­tion 241 of the Cri­mi­nal Code):, black­mail (under sec­tion 253 of the Cri­mi­nal Code):, stal­king (under sec­tion 238 of the Cri­mi­nal Code):, insult (under sec­tion 185 of the Cri­mi­nal Code): or defa­ma­ti­on (under sec­tion 186 of the Cri­mi­nal Code):



Weg­wei­ser e.V., with its head­quar­ters in Böh­len, is com­mit­ted to women’s and fami­ly poli­cy and offers psy­cho­so­cial help and coun­sel­ling for fami­lies, par­ents and child­ren. This is whe­re you can turn if you have expe­ri­en­ced vio­lence: The cont­act details of the coun­sel­ling cent­re against dome­stic vio­lence and stal­king are: Lan­ge Str. 50, 04668 Grim­ma, Tel: 03437–708478, in case of emer­gen­cy: 0177–3039219, FAX; 03437–708477, Email: .

The nati­on­wi­de hel­pli­ne “Gewalt gegen Frau­en“ (Vio­lence against Women) is a nati­on­wi­de coun­sel­ling ser­vice for women who have expe­ri­en­ced or are still expe­ri­en­cing vio­lence. Qua­li­fied coun­sell­ors con­fi­den­ti­al­ly assist tho­se see­king help and, if neces­sa­ry, refer them to local sup­port ser­vices, such as a women’s coun­sel­ling cent­re or a women’s shel­ter in the vici­ni­ty. Rela­ti­ves, fri­ends and pro­fes­sio­nals are also advi­sed anony­mously and free of char­ge:

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